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by Daily Art Hour l June 16, 2023

It’s time to decorate the tree and wrap up some presents because it’s Christmas time in the Kawaii Kingdom! The time of year when everyone in the Kingdom gets together with friends and family to celebrate the season and togetherness. But their festive cheer needs your help! All the color has been drained away and they need you to bring it back. 

Kawaii Santa

Tis the season to use your creative skills to bring color and fun back to the Kawaii Kingdom with these Christmas coloring pages! Everyone in the Kingdom loves Christmas. Whether it’s decorating the tree, exchanging gifts, or enjoying all the tasty goodies of the season. But without color, it’s just not the same. 

Is a Christmas tree as beautiful without all the bright, bold colors? We don’t think so. So to make this the best Christmas yet, we need you to do your thing. We want to see how creative you can get in the spirit of the season.

The great thing about our free coloring pages is there’s no wrong way to do it, either. You can download the pictures and print them off whenever you want. Or as many times as you want. Then you get to make the rules for how you want to color them.

Santa Kitty

No matter how you like to color, whether you use markers and pens, crayons and pastels, colored pencils and paint, you can do whatever you like. Have fun with our free coloring pages by yourself or get your friends and family to color some with you.

Because it’s not just Christmas but a Kawaii Kingdom Christmas, you don’t just have fun, festive scenes to color. You also get to share it with the cutest members of the Kingdom as well, and there are a lot of them! That means your pictures don’t have to just be traditional red and green and white at all. Not when you’re having Christmas with snails and aliens and bunnies!

We’re giving you a sample here of some of our favorite printable coloring pages that you can download and color whenever you like. Share them, print them, color them as many times as you like!

If you’re as big a fan of Christmas as our Kawaii friends are, we know you’ll have a great time with these free coloring pages. Whether you like traditional Christmas with Kawaii Claus or something out of this world with a Christmas alien, let your creativity run wild!

Christmas snails


Tis the Season to Get Creative with These Free Christmas Coloring Pages!

What’s the perfect gift for a cute little mouse at Christmas? A big wedge of cheese, of course! Our little mouse here is decked out for winter and ready to have a great Christmastime from the look of things!

All this mouse needs to make his Christmas perfect is some color! That’s where you come in. How do you think you’d approach this one? There are a lot of ways you could go.

You could try to make it look realistic, with some nice shading in grays and browns on the mouse. Or maybe you want it bright and bold like a cartoon. Then you can color a bright orange cheese wedge with a vibrant red bow. There’s no wrong choice, really.

We think this one would be good with some strong outlines from colored pens. Then maybe you could fill it in with softer colors from pencils. What do you think would be best?

Click the link below this image or any of our printable pages. You’ll get a nice, big high-resolution image you can save, share or print on your home printer. 

Christmas mouse

How Would You Color This Fun, Festive Friend?

Usually, bunnies come out at Easter, right? Well, they’re around for Christmas too, just like this Christmas-loving little guy. We think this is a great image because of all the fun little details you can add.

With all the decorations, the candy canes, and the lights, there are so many chances to make this one pop. We think this might be fun to do with some metallic colors just around the stars and decorations, something to really make it shine. Or maybe with some really bright colored markers to make it jump off the page.

You can go traditional Christmas colors here with a lot of red and green. Or maybe, since it’s a rabbit, you want to bring in some of those Easter colors, too. Maybe try it either way and see what you like best!

However you decide to color it, don’t forget to share it with us after. We love checking out how creative everyone can get with these coloring pages.

Christmas bunny

Why Not Give This Fun Coloring Page a Try?

Just because you’re not from around here doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Christmas. In the Kawaii Kingdom, even our little alien friends like to get into the spirit of the season. 

This free coloring page could be a great one for contrast, we think. If he’s in space, you could make that background all black. Then, when you add color to all the details, it will really stand out. And that’s just one idea.

You might want to soften this one up in an unexpected way. What if the alien was all done in watercolors and the whole thing looked like a dream? There are lots of fun possibilities to try out.

No matter what your style is or what you have to use, whether it’s pencil crayons or paints, or markers, we know you can make this one look great.

Because you can download and print the page as much as you want, you can try whatever looks best. Even if you don’t like one, you can try it again in a different way. Just have fun with it!

Christmas alien

 Check Out This Cool Christmas Coloring Page!

You can’t have Christmas without Santa Claus, right? Well, the Kawaii Kingdom has Kawaii Claus, and he definitely needs a splash of color. This is a great, traditional coloring page and we think it would look awesome with those bright Christmas colors we all know and love.

With a bold, red suit and a vibrant green tree, this could be a real winner. But maybe you have a different idea. That’s why these pages are so much fun, after all. You can approach this any way you want. 

Maybe this Claus is the total opposite and wears a green suit. Or something totally different. Whatever you feel like doing will be great, so don’t feel like you need to follow any rules here. And even if one look doesn’t feel right, you can always print another one and try again!

Kawaii Claus

Don’t Forget This Free Christmas Coloring Page!

This is one of our favorite images! Snails and Christmas don’t get to go together very often, but why not? They look like they’re having a great time! They’ve even turned their shells into little Christmas tree ornaments.

We think this image could work in a lot of different ways. There’s definitely something dreamy about it, with the moon and the snails just sort of floating in the air there. Maybe you can use colored pencils and shade it softly. Or would you rather make this really bright with pens and markers?

You have a lot of chances to play with color in this one too. The night sky, the lights, even the snowflakes. That gives a lot of room to use light and dark colors to give this one a lot of contrast and depth. We’d love to see what you can do with it!

Christmas snails

Show Us What You Can Do With This Christmas Kitty!

Can you have a Kawaii Kingdom Christmas without a kitty? We don’t think so! This adorable little guy is popping right out of a present on Christmas morning and is super cute.

This picture is great because it looks like it can really use texture. You can color it with a realistic palette and make the cat look like it has real fur. And look at the carpet and the window and the wall, too. So many chances to add real texture and contrast.

You could also make this one look like a really bright, cartoony image, too. It all depends on how you’re feeling and what you want to try. You could even try this one with friends and family, all of you coloring your own page, and compare them when you’re done to see what everyone came up with.

Christmas kitty

Which Free Christmas Coloring Pages Will You Pick First?

We hope you enjoy the sample pages we’ve included here and have a lot of fun coloring them. Don’t forget, these pages are totally free and you can download them and print them whenever you like. Or as many times as you like!

That means you can share with friends or, if you make a mistake or want to start again, you can do so. Bookmark the page so you don’t forget where it is and have fun!

If you find you really like one page more than the others, why not try it a few ways? Try different colors or styles. Switch from pencils to pastels or paints. Let your creativity guide you. 

When you’re done coloring your pages, we hope you’ll share them with us on our Facebook page. We love to see the creative and colorful pictures everyone comes up with. No one ever colors a page the same way and there’s so much great creativity to enjoy!

Christmas bunny

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