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by Daily Art Hour l April 15, 2023

In the fantasy world of the Kawaii Kingdom, there’s a lot more than just magic in the air. From goblins to fairies to pixies and more, everything is so mysterious and wonderful. And don’t forget cute! Why not take up your magic wand, sprinkle a little fairy dust, and try your hand at coloring these fun and enchanting fantasy coloring pages!

Magic and fantasy are at the heart of the Kawaii Kingdom. From the cuddliest creature to the spookiest monster, everyone in the Kingdom has a little magic inside. But these fantasy coloring pages show off the most magical and mythical of them all.

It’s a shame that the color has been drained from the Kingdom because no one needs it more than these fantasy characters. After all, how magical can you be when everything is so plain? That’s where you come in! They need you to bring the true magic of color back to them. 

kawaii rabbit

From enchanted forests to mystical mountains and deep, dark caves where mystery and wonder are around every corner, the Kawaii Kingdom needs your creativity and help. Do you think you can bring back all the colors and make the world magical again?

Remember, the thing that makes our coloring pages so much fun is that you’re in charge here. Download them, print them at home whenever you like, and take the world into your hands. If you’re feeling dark one day maybe you can bring out your richest, deepest markers and make everything look serious and otherworldly. 

If it’s a fun and bright day, maybe you can choose colored pencils or watercolors and splash bright, fun colors around every inch of a page to make it look light and fun!

One thing for sure is that there’s no wrong way to color our fantasy coloring pages. We hope you can find a favorite or two and just have the best time with them.

One of the best things about this fantasy theme is the whole world is one of make-believe so the sky’s the limit for coloring. Is there a “wrong” way to color a dragon or a fairy? Not at all! Your imagination is all you need here.


Of course, since you’re in the Kawaii Kingdom, all of your characters are going to be just as cute as they are mysterious. That means you can make it scary, make it funny, make it serious, or anything else you want. You can even print the same page more than once and try it every way you want.

Because they’re fantastic, you can even share them with friends and post your finished pages online for everyone to see. We think one of the most fun things about these coloring pages is sharing them so everyone has a chance to see all the amazing creativity that went into them.

For now, check out some examples of our favorite fantasy coloring pages. You can download them, share them, print them, and color them any way you like.

If you love all the magic and wonder of a fantasy world, we know you’ll love the selection we have here featuring some of our favorite creatures from the Kawaii Kingdom. With pixies, goblins, dragons, and more, we know you’ll have a great time. The only questions left are which ones will you color first and how?


Check Out This Delightful Fantasy Coloring Page to Print and Color

Our first enchanted friend here is a pixie, who comes to visit from a magical forest. We think this coloring page has some great potential for anyone, but especially those of you who love to use a lot of bright and lively colors. 

From the leaves and the little bugs, the flowers, and the whole forest scene itself there’s so much action and life here. And then the pixie herself! How do you think her dress and her wings should look? Will you go with a traditional butterfly sort of look? A rainbow of colors? Or something totally new and unique to you?

We think this one could be done in a few ways. Obviously, a huge splash of color would look amazing. That pixie could light up the page with a bright mix of blues and reds and yellows and more. 

But what if you wanted a different look? What if this pixie likes to sneak and hide in the forest? And her colors are all rich and vibrant greens and browns and forest shades that let her blend in and disappear? 

Well, guess what? There’s no wrong way to do this. Have fun, do what you like, and bring it to life however you think it’s going to work best. That’s the fun of our fantasy coloring pages. So many choices and none of them is wrong. 

Click the link below this image or any of our printable pages. You’ll get a nice, big high-resolution image you can save, share or print on your home printer. 

pixie fairy

Try This Super Fun Downloadable Coloring Page

Just because this fun little guy is a goblin doesn’t mean he can’t be the cutest thing in the forest! Just look at him hard at work chopping wood with his little bird friend. This is what the Kawaii Kingdom is all about, just a bunch of cute and fun little friends living their life.

The only thing that would make this better is some color, and that’s where you come in. Have you ever colored a goblin before? If not, here’s your chance. And if you have then great, why not try it again?

Goblins are really great subjects because what even is a goblin? Does it have green skin? Yellow? Purple? Whatever you think is the right answer is what it’s going to be. Use colored pens to make it super bold or maybe pastels to make it soft and dreamy. 

Goblins could be dark and creepy if you want, so you could maybe lean into that a little too. What if he was gross green and yellow, or black and purple? It could be a fun contrast to the forest and his little bird friend which looks full of life. 

We think a goblin who is all done in earth tones would look great here, with a nice green forest, rich brown trees, and maybe a really bright pop of red or blue for his bird friend. But what do you think will look best?

With lots of choices, you may have to try this one more than once. Why not try both ways and see what you think looks best?

Whether you want fun and bright or dark and creepy, we think you’ll have a lot of fun with this coloring page. Print it off and then see what you think is going to work. Share it with us after too, please!


Don’t Forget This Printable Coloring Page

Okay, how adorable is this little dragon? And what could be more magical? Up in the clouds, soaring above the Kawaii Kingdom on his little wings, this picture is primed for some amazing colors.

The background for this one could go light or dark depending on if you want a day scene or a night scene. And that means how you color the rest of it can change so much of the feel of the image. Some dragons are strong and powerful, is this little guy one? He could be fiery red or emerald green or even majestic silver and gold.

You could also go with softer colors, light yellow or pink, or purple. Dragons come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, right? We think so.

There are a lot of possibilities to make this coloring page very unique and cool. It doesn’t matter how you like to color or even what materials you use, we know this one is going to come out looking incredible. We actually think this is one of the best for trying lots of techniques.

Since you can download and print this picture as much as you want, you can try whatever looks best. Even if you don’t like one, you can try it again in a different way. Just have fun with it!


Cast a Spell With This Great Coloring Page!

Now this is what fantasy is all about. Two for the price of one! Double down on cute, at least a little bit, with this fun fantasy character who definitely needs a good splash of color to make him look even cuter.

We chose this image because it’s clearly a nighttime one with the moon and stars. That means you can play with contrast really well here. Bright versus dark would make this one pop. Just imagine a deep, dark nighttime sky against this cuddly character in the front. 

This little guy is named Orthrus, and he has so many possibilities, too. He’s sort of a dog, right? So, you could color him to look like your very own pet, just with a second head! Or you could make him something none has ever seen with wonderful mixed colors that dazzle and delight.

Because there are so many choices, we know you’ll have a lot of fun here. Just go with whatever you think works and have fun. So, what do you think will look best?


Brighten Your Day With This Fun Coloring Page!

Check out this next fantasy coloring page which is really cute and fun. It’s another goblin but this time he means business! He’s ready for battle, fighting for his fantasy kingdom. But he definitely needs to get some color before he heads out.

There are so many great little details in this one that make it one of the best ones for coloring. That twinkle in his eyes, the blades of his axes, his cool little armor set. You can do so much in just a small space with that. How would you color it?

Check out the details in the background too, are those crystals? With those, the armor and the weapons, just imagine how this would look if you had some metallic colored markers or colored pens! This one could be super unique and different. 

You can also go a lot more traditional. What if his armor is all leather and natural stuff? Maybe put in a lot of brown and tan and yellow there. It’s all up to you!

goblin warrior

Check Out This Great Frost Made Coloring Page!

Nothing says fantasy quite like this, right? Our cute little frost mage wields the power of winter and is ready to sprinkle magic and spells all over the Kawaii kingdom, but she’s going to need your help first.

How do you think you’d color this one? She’s a frost mage so maybe you can focus on color colors with blues and light purples and whites. Or maybe in your world, she’s no frost mage at all and she’s whatever you want her to be. Bring out bright reds and oranges and yellow if you want.

There’s a lot to focus on here from those background details to her outfit to the funny little friend she’s sitting on. Give it your best try and see what happens!

Any way you want to try this is going to be great. The choice is yours!

frost mage

Which Fantasy Coloring Pages Will You Try?

We hope you love coloring all of the different fantasy Kawaii coloring pages that we have for you to download. Whether you’re trying them alone or with friends and family they’re so much fun!

Don’t forget, these are all totally magical coloring pages. You can download them and print them any time you like. That means you don’t need to worry if you’re not sure how you want to color them right now. Maybe tomorrow you’ll be inspired and come up with something amazing!  

Because you can print them as often as you like, If you make a mistake, or just want to try one with new colors, you can do it all over again. Just bookmark the page and come back here anytime you like.

If you have a favorite coloring page, feel free to try it with a different set of colors or even a whole new style. You can go from watercolor paint to colored pens to crayons if you want, why not? See which one works best and is the most fun for you! That’s one of the most fun things about these fantasy coloring pages.

We hope you’ll consider sharing your coloring pages when you’re done with them. We love to see all the great art on our Facebook page. With so many different styles and takes, it’s so great to see everyone’s ideas on display.

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