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by Daily Art Hour l April 11, 2023

Get Creative With These Free Kawaii Coloring Pages

Grab your favorite pens, pencils, or markers, and get ready to bring these cute and fun-free Kawaii coloring pages to life!

Have you ever seen Kawaii before? In Japanese, it means “cute” or “loveable” and it’s more than just a word, it’s a whole cuteness culture! That’s what our Kawaii Kingdom coloring pages are all about. 

The idea behind Kawaii is that being cute doesn’t have to just be reserved for normal, everyday cute stuff. Why can’t anything and everything be cute and cuddly? In the Kawaii Kingdom, it can be! 

Our downloadable Kawaii coloring pages include ghosts and monsters right alongside bunnies, sharks, and all kinds of other creatures. Everyone has a home in the Kawaii Kingdom and in our free printable coloring pages.

What better way to pass the time than to bring some color to the Kingdom and help these adorable characters be as brilliant and bright as we know they can be? 

Kawaii queen sea monster

The real question now is if you should color them all but how are you going to get it done? The great thing about our free Kawaii coloring pages is that there’s really no wrong way to bring them to life with a splash of color. 

There really are no rules when it comes to bringing these Kawaii characters to life. That means whatever you’re feeling will look best is going to be great no matter what!

Do you want to use bright, colorful markers to make them all look like brilliant cartoons? Or do you want to use something like watercolors so they look soft and smooth? There’s no wrong choice!

Pick whatever you like whether it’s colored pencils, pastels, crayons, markers, or even paint. Try out different styles and different combinations. If you have a favorite Kawaii coloring page, guess what? You can download and print it as many times as you like so you can try out every style and every color you like.

kawaii fluffy monster

Pick Your Favorite Kawaii Coloring Page and Let’s See What You Can Do!

Our friends in the Kawaii Kingdom need your help! The color was drained from their world by an evil sorcerer a long time ago. They need you to help them get it back!

Our free Kawaii coloring pages are ready to let your imagination run wild. Any colors, any styles, anything you can imagine. Why not start here with our pumpkin friend?

We think this is a great image to kick things off with. He really gets to the heart of what Kawaii means. He could be creepy, but he’s so cute at the same time! You can dive in with such bright colors that this could really pop right off the page.

If you want, you can also tone it down. Maybe try some soft, pastel colors or even earth tones. Swap markers and pencils for pastels and watercolors. What do you think would look best? Why not download and print two coloring pages and try both approaches?

All you need to do is click that link below and choose to print it on your home printer. Or, if you want, you can download and save it. That way you can print it later or send it to a friend! It’s the same for all of our free coloring pages.

kawaii pumpkin

Try These Super Cute Downloadable Coloring Pages

We love the potential for great color play that this downloadable coloring page has. Our cute little friend here has so many fun possibilities for colors you really can’t go wrong. 

Is he bright candy red? Deep, lizard green? What about a rich, sapphire blue?

No choice is wrong, and that’s what’s great here. Not to mention the fun you can have with the background. It could just be a beautiful, clear night sky, or maybe a storm is coming! What do you think would work?

This one could go really dark too, with a night sky and bright stars. Have fun with it and let your imagination go wild.

kawaii devil

These Free Coloring Pages are Sure to Brighten Your Day

In the Kawaii Kingdom, Halloween never has to end, and it’s always cute, just ask this little guy! He’s an adorable little vampire kitty, and he’s brought plenty of treats that can add great pops of color all over this fun and free coloring page. 

One of the best things about coloring an adorable kitty is that cats have soooo many color patterns. Stripes and spots and splotches and more. Black or orange or white or more. Plus, this is a Kawaii kitty so he could even be yellow or green, or purple!

Do you want to keep this one dark and creepy to go with the Halloween theme? Or maybe make him bright and fun because it’s a party? We think both would be fun options but there’s one way to find out for sure. Download and print the page then give it a try!

kawaii cat

These Downloaded Coloring Pages are A Ton of Fun!

Here’s a super fun image to go really off the wall with. This one has a lot of potential to work with softer and darker colors if you want. We also think a lot of contrast would be great here. 

You can do some parts dark and creepy but others super bright and full of life. The donuts look like they could be really vibrant with deep, rich color. But maybe this could all be full of soft or even earthy tones too, like a mysterious Kawaii forest at night! 

Whatever you think would be best, don’t forget you can download and print as many of these free Kawaii coloring pages as you like so you can always try different ideas.

kawaii goatman

Don’t These Free Kawaii Coloring Pages Look Like Fun?

If you’re looking for a real chance to flex your creativity, look no further! This awesome coloring page is an underwater scene and we absolutely love those. How can you go wrong with anything here?

Of course, you could use watercolors and make this look like a real underwater scene. Splashes of blue and green could make that water really look wonderful.

You could also try some really bright markets or some colored pencils with a lot of unique shading options to give it more depth. 

How do you think you’d want to color this one? Is that little sea monster going to be incredibly bright and eye-catching, or is it more of a camouflaged and hidden Kawaii creature that blends in with everything else?

Lochness monster

Give These Printable Coloring Pages a Try

If you like to feel the fun in your coloring pages and bring that feeling to life, you have to like this picture, right?  This one has magic and ghosts and a bunny and a real cuteness overload. 

Nothing in this free coloring page has to be done a specific way, and that’s one of the best parts. You can probably color this one a thousand different ways and each one could be incredible. 

The magician’s hat can really draw your eye here if it’s classic black and everything else could blossom from it like colorful flowers. Or maybe you want to be super unique and make the hat its own bright color with contrasts and complementary colors all around?

We’ve seen other creative people tackle this free coloring page before and some of their ideas have been just mind-blowing. So what do you think you’ll do with this one?

kawaii magician

Take a Ride with This Super Cute Free Coloring Page!

Just look at that big full moon in the background of this coloring page. One thing we love about that is how it can change the whole picture depending on how you want to color it. Your moon could be silver or yellow but, if you want, it could glow and light up the whole picture, too!

This super cute little unicorn with his skeleton costume and his adorable pumpkin cowboy rider are out for a nighttime stroll and that means a lot of fun options for coloring. If the moon’s glow isn’t everywhere, what do you think you’d do? Bright green grass and deep brown trees? A pitch black sky, or maybe something with blue and purple?

Whatever you choose, remember you can download or print our free Kawaii coloring pages so you can try this one again in a bunch of different ways if you like. 

kawaii pumpkin

How Fun is This Cute and Quirky Kawaii Coloring Page?

This free coloring page has a real, unique vibe, and we love it. The gears and the robotic look of our little tentacle friend are cute and strange and wonderful all at once.

We think you could have a lot of fun using metallic colors on this page for the central Kawaii character and the gears. You could add hints of gold and bronze and silver all over. Or, if you want, make it look like an out-of-this-world alien scene with all kinds of unexpected colors.

This picture definitely has room for so much creativity and we hope you have a lot of fun with it. So what do you think you’ll want to do with this one?

kawaii robot

Which Of Our Free Kawaii Coloring Pages Will You Start With?

Now that you’ve had a chance to check out all of our free Kawaii coloring pages, have you picked a favorite? We hope you’ve got at least a couple you can’t wait to try. They’re great for coloring all on your own or sharing them with family and friends.

Remember, our coloring pages aren’t just free, you can download them, print them, and share them, too. As many times as you like! 

That means you can try the same coloring pages over and over if you want to make changes. Maybe you want to see one in bright, solid colors and then see it again in soft, calm watercolors. You can try anything you want.

Don’t forget to share what you’ve created when you’re done. We love to see all the colorful and amazing pictures everyone has made. Head to our Facebook page and join all of our other creative fans by posting your work and checking out what everyone else has done!


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