Halloween Coloring Pages

by Daily Art Hour l April 4, 2023

Halloween is a great time to get spooky and creepy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a little bit cute, too! Give your Halloween a trick and a treat with our colorful, fun Spooky Family Halloween coloring pages!

Halloween is a big deal with The Spooky Family. All the creepy but cute residents get to dress up and have fun, just like you! Werewolves and vampires and even ghosts and skeletons get to come out and celebrate.

Here’s the thing, though. The Family has lost all of its colors! How can we have a great Halloween without all those delicious, eye-catching treats and brightly colored costumes?

Everyone in The Spooky Family needs your help to make this Halloween the best one yet. The holiday is going to be fun no matter what, but with you helping to color everything so that it looks amazing, it’s going to be even better.

That’s the thing that really makes all of our free coloring pages so much fun. You can download these, print them at home and color them by yourself or with friends and family. There are so many ways you could make these Halloween coloring pages come to life. Whether you love colored pencils or you want to try markers, colored pens, or even paints and pastels. 

Creepy but Cute

There’s no wrong way to color our Halloween coloring pages, so we hope you just pick your favorites and really have some fun with them. One of the great things about a spooky theme like this is you can make them look so great with lots of contrast. Imagine bright red and orange and green against super dark black or ghostly white!

Of course, since you’re in the neighborhood, all of your characters are going to be just as cute as they are scary. And that means you don’t need to just use spooky, dark colors at all. You can color these with all the colors of the rainbow and more if you want. You can even do one a spooky way and then print it again to make it bright and fun if you want!

Because they’re free, you can even share them with friends and post your finished pages online for everyone to see. One of the most fun things about these free coloring pages is how we get to see all the different ways people color them.

On this page, we’re giving you a sample of some of our favorite printable coloring pages. Download them, share them, print them, and color them any way you like.

If you love Halloween, we know you’ll love the selection we have here featuring one of our favorite spooky families. Mom and dad, as well as brother and sister, and some of the fun they have around the house. How will you color each one?

Spooky girl and boy

Just in Time for Halloween Free Halloween Coloring Pages to Print and Color

Who doesn’t love it when mom heads to the kitchen to do a little fun Halloween baking? And what treats do we have today? Looks like some worm and eyeball cupcakes! You can help make these creepy treats look extra gross, or extra delicious, with the magic of color!

Treats like these deserve a big splash of color. How do you want to approach this one? You could come in with a burst of bright markers and colored pens if you want. Or maybe this one should be even creepier and all deep, dark red and green and black. 

Guess what? There’s no wrong answer here. Have fun, do your thing, and bring it to life however you think it’s going to work best. That’s the fun of our Halloween coloring pages. Lots of choices and never a wrong one.

Click the link below this image or any of our printable pages. You’ll get a nice, big high-resolution image you can save, share or print on your home printer. 

Halloween Coloring Pages

Try This Super Fun Downloadable Coloring Page

Just because it’s Halloween doesn’t mean you don’t get homework! In this cute coloring page, we see father and son brushing up on a bit of spooky magic before the big Halloween night. Practice makes perfect, just like with coloring!

We think this could be a really fun page to color with some great details. Maybe colored pens would work best here. Just look at the texture of the curtains in the back, plus the clothes that father and son are wearing. So many possibilities for coloring!

Would this look best with dark purples and blues, maybe? Or bright green and yellow? Maybe some watercolor paints could work too, and make it look kind of old and spooky. Who knows?

There’s a lot of room in this one to go all kinds of different ways. Maybe you want lots of light and dark contrast. Maybe you want it super, ultra bright. Why not try both ways and see what you think looks best?

Whether you want fun and bright or dark and creepy, we think you’ll have a lot of fun with this coloring page. Print it off and then see what you think is going to work. Share it with us after too, please!

Halloween Coloring Pages

Don’t Forget This Free Printable Coloring Page

Just imagine all the ways you could approach this fun Halloween coloring page. The whole family is here like they’re posing for a family Christmas. There’s even a cute little pet! 

The background of this one is really festive, so that means contrast is key here. Bright colors will stand out so well here. If you use some fun colored pencils or markers there are so many shades you could choose from for each and every detail.

We think this picture has a lot of super fun possibilities. No matter what your coloring style is, or how you want to approach it, there are some great and unique possibilities. In fact, this picture is one of the best for trying with a few different styles, if you like.

Since you can download and print this picture as much as you want, you can try whatever looks best. Even if you don’t like one, you can try it again in a different way. Just have fun with it!

Spooky but cute

Have Some Tricks or Treats with These Great Coloring Pages!

No more tricks, this one is all treats! At least if you have a creepy appetite. We love this image because of all the fun you can have with that spooky pie in the foreground.

This is an image we think would look good with a really rich color like you might get from markers. Those tentacles and worms and eyes could jump right off the page if you color them a certain way. Maybe you can make that pie look gooey or gross or like a bright and fun cartoon!

The girl has so many possibilities, too. That could be a cute and soft-colored dress, maybe something that would look good with colored pencils or even watercolors. Or maybe it’s dark and creepy. Maybe something else entirely!

Because there are so many choices, we know you’ll have a lot of fun here. Just go with whatever you think works and have fun. So what do you think will look best?

Spooky girl

Brighten Your Day With This Fun Coloring Page!

Check out this next free Halloween coloring page which is really cute and fun. This is an adorable little moment with brother and sister that probably happens in all kinds of families. The difference here is that in the creepy Spooky Family, we get to see it at its spooky best!

There are so many great little details in this one that make it one of the best ones for coloring. Like the texture in that wood, how do you think you’ll color that? You could make it super realistic and get into all kinds of shady, maybe something else, even.

And look at the frame of the food. A cupcake, what could be a chicken leg or maybe some other kind of leg? We think this one has a lot of potentials. You can make it realistic and soft in some places and then really use color and brightness to make other spots pop.

There’s no wrong way to approach this one but we really think playing with contrast is a good idea here. Deep, dark black in some spots and then big, bright bursts of colors in another. This could be one you want to print and color more than once even with all the fun possibilities.

We think another one of the coolest parts of this coloring page is all of those great textures like the hair and the wood grain. You can have so much fun with contrast here. Follow a realistic color palette or go your own way and make something totally unique and totally you.

Creepy girl

Check Out This Great Wolf Boy Coloring Page!

How fun is this?!? Wolf Boy is getting ready for a busy night of trick-or-treating and that means a good dinner, right? Looks like he’s pretty excited to dig into that steak.

This one could be a lot of fun. That steak could be all creepy and bloody if you wanted to get extra scary. Or maybe just make it the way you like your own steak with some BBQ sauce on the side!

The werewolf boy himself has lots of potentials, too. His clothes, his fur, there are a lot of ways to make him stand out against that moon. 

We think this coloring page is a great one to go all out with color in his eyes or in the meat or hold back and make it a little softer and more realistic with soft wood tones in the background. You can make it silly and cartoony or even go in for some more detail. 

Any way you want to try this is going to be great. The choice is yours!

Werewolf boy

Which Free Halloween Coloring Pages Will You Pick First?

We really hope you enjoy our Spooky Family coloring pages and have a ton of fun coloring them alone or with friends and family. 

Remember, these are totally free coloring pages to print anytime you like so don’t worry if you don’t have any ideas right now or want to wait a bit. If you make a mistake, or you just liked one so much you want to do it again, feel free! Bookmark the page so you don’t forget where it is, or download the pages so you know where to find them.

If you have a favorite coloring page, why not try it out with different styles? Try paint or markers or pencil crayons. See which one works best and is the most fun for you! We honestly think that’s one of the best parts of these Halloween coloring pages.

When you’re done coloring your pages, we hope you’ll consider sharing them with us on our Facebook page. We love to see the great pictures everyone comes up with. No one ever colors a page the same way and there’s so much great creativity to enjoy!

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