Valentine's Day Coloring Pages

by Daily Art Hour l April 28, 2023

Set Your Heart on These Fun, Free Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages

Give your Valentine the gift of a colorful, cuteness overload with these free Kawaii coloring pages!

elf couple

Kids of all ages can celebrate Valentine’s Day this year with a trip to the Kawaii Kingdom. Love is in the air and all the couples have come together in these free Valentine’s Day coloring pages for you to print and color at home. 

Even though the Kingdom has lost its color, that doesn’t mean the residents are not all super excited about the holiday and ready for you to give them that bright, colorful burst they’re craving.

Whether it’s spooky ghosts, adorable bunnies, or magical unicorns, everyone has found their special someone. Because they’re all Kawaii that means they’re all extra cute as well, but they need your help! As cute as they are, they’re going to look so much better when they’re all colored in and looking their best. 

That’s what makes these free Kawaii coloring pages so much fun. Pick your favorite colors and favorite tools and let’s see what you can do! Will you stick with some classic pencil crayons? Or do you want to try some rich pastels? What about bright, vibrant markers?

kitty couple

These free Valentine’s Day coloring pages don’t have any rules so you can choose to do whatever you like. Try watercolors or even good ol’ crayons. Shake up your style and approach and let these cute and cuddly characters come to life.

Because they’re free, you can even share them with friends and post your finished pages online for everyone to see. One of the most fun things about free coloring pages like these is comparing all the ways people color them and the amazing results.

On this page, we’re giving you a sample of some of our favorite printable coloring pages. Download them, share them, print them, and color them with friends and family. 

If you love Valentine’s Day, you’ll love the selection we have here. All the cute characters plus hearts, stars, rainbows and so much more. Everything has a super fun and cute love theme to capture the spirit of the holiday.


Just in Time for Valentine’s Day! Free Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages to Print and Color

It’s time to take up the magic of color and help make this Valentine’s Day one to remember for the whole Kawaii Kingdom. Like this page here showing two of the Kingdom’s cutest residents who have just fallen in love. 

Pick your colors and show ‘em how it’s done. Do you want to make it pop right off the page with a huge explosion of color? Or do you want to keep this one a little more low-key and kind of quiet with soft colors? 

Guess what? There’s no wrong answer here. Have fun, do your thing, and bring it to life however you think it’s going to work best. 

There are lots of possibilities with this page. Elephants are normally grey, but do they have to be? What if they were pink and blue? Or something that blends in with the plants and leaves in the foreground? They could even be black and white!

Click the link below this image or any of our printable pages. You’ll get a nice, big high-resolution image you can save, share or print on your home printer. 


Try These Super Cute Downloadable Coloring Pages

Everyone in the Kawaii Kingdom, even in the Creepy Kawaii Kingdom, is finding their true love this Valentine’s Day! Our next free coloring page is a pair of sweet and spooky little ghosts who are spending their special day together!

This could be a fun image for a lot of contrasting colors and playing with light and dark. Ghosts at night are usually creepy and dark, but there are many chances to include bright and fun colors as well. 

You can make this into a really eye-popping one depending on how you want to approach it. And who knows, maybe you can keep it creepy and dark, too! We think this is a great one because of all the different ways you can color it.

What do you think? Keep it creepy? Make it bright? Or something else altogether?

ghost couple

Share the Love with These Great Coloring Pages!

What better way to show someone you care than by giving them a gift you know they’ll enjoy? That’s what this cute little rabbit is doing by sharing a delicious Valentine’s carrot with his special someone.

This coloring page offers a lot of choices for how to color it. Just think of all the bunnies you’ve seen in your life. Should they be white? Gray? Brown? Black? Or something totally new and fun like pink or yellow or blue?

We really like the simple cartoon style of this page. It offers the chance to be bold and have those bunnies be the focal point to draw the eye. But you can also really brighten up the background and make something exciting happen. So what do you think will look best?

bunny couple

Brighten Your Day With This Fun Coloring Page!

Check out this next free Valentine’s Day coloring page which is really bringing the magic. Stars, clouds, flowers, and a pair of fun and frolicking little pegasus! We really hope this one inspires you to bring out the best and the brightest colors you can think of.

There’s no wrong way to approach this one but we really think playing with some bright and lively colors can take this one to a whole new level. This could be one you want to print and color more than once even with all the fun possibilities.

We think one of the coolest parts of this coloring page is how our two adorable characters reflect each other. You can have so much fun with contrast here. Do you want to make them perfect mirror images? Or maybe one can be light, and one can be dark. Follow the real colors of horses or go your own way and make something totally unique and totally you.


It’s a Cute Kawaii Kitty Coloring Page!

How adorable is this?!? Two kitties didn’t just find love this Valentine’s Day, they found a box to share!

With hearts, stars, and clouds this one has everything you need to make a bright, fun, exciting printable coloring page.

Do you have your own pet cat? You could color this to look just like it. Or just let loose and make your kitties as colorful as the rainbow itself. 

We think this coloring page is a great one to go all out with color or hold back and make it a little softer and dreamlike. You can make it silly and cartoon or even go in for some more detail.

Any way you want to try this is going to be great. The choice is yours!

kawaii kitty couple

Unleash the Magic with This Printable Coloring Page

Deep in the magical forests of the Kawaii Kingdom, you’ll find these mystical and mysterious elves. Just like everyone else, once Valentine’s Day comes around they want to share their feelings with those they love.

This cute Elven couple could look great if you go with rich, vibrant forest colors. Or you could even choose watercolors for something soft and special. The light of the moon could make everything glow in pale pastels or give it all a super colorful pop!

This one could do really well with some fine art pens as well. The texture of the trees and the clothes could get really complex if you want. However you choose to do it, we’re pretty sure it’s going to look great and be a lot of fun. 

elf couple

Which Free Valentine’s Coloring Pages Will You Pick First?

We really hope you enjoy our Kawaii coloring pages and have a ton of fun coloring them alone or with friends and family. The great thing about pages like these is they can be shared or just done when you want some alone time. With no rules, you can do whatever you like.

Don’t forget that these are totally free coloring pages to print anytime you like. If you make a mistake, or you just liked one so much you want to do it again, feel free! Bookmark the page so you don’t forget where it is, or download the pages so you know where to find them.

If you have a favorite coloring page, why not try it out with different styles? Try paint or markers or pencil crayons. See which one works best and is the most fun for you! We honestly think that’s one of the best parts of these Valentine’s Day coloring pages.

When you’re done coloring your pages, we hope you’ll consider sharing them with us on our Facebook page. We love to see what everyone does and all the amazing creativity out there. 

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